The last time we hosted an episode of “Moron from Tagworld” was back in March. Well, we have resurrected this gem from an obscure grave.

So now, here is an all new installment of “Moron
from Tagworld”!

From: andrea_4

well i guess i wont send u a friend request since i live in the middle *******
nowhere(texas)!!!! and i just wanted u to now that life goes a lot easier if u
are nice and since i did read ur profile there is something u atleast reconize
about ur self. the fact that
an ASSHOLE!!! like u said. and if people tell u that sooooo much why don’t u
change that and i mean that in a good way cuz trust me i have been called the
biggest b**** and yet i had friends.(wierd but Ok i guess)but trust rep is not
good.and if u don’t get that then i guess u are the biggest NERD in ur
school.soo why are u an ass is it b/c ur parents died or b/c ur adopted and
don’t have a family or WHAT!!! all i know is that u probaly don’t have a father
cuz i know that a father would show his kids to be nice to others and i guess
to be mean or defend himself to the mean so u wont get picked on. well i hope
GOD BLESSES YOU!!! b/c u need it and i mean that from the bottom of my heart
even though u don’t know u and u don’t know me. i don’t feel sorry for u but i
do wish u could change for the better cuz life is easier that way. well like i
said STOP being an asshole and god bless you. and if u ever need to talk to
someone or need advice u can always. count on me k.laters asshole lol!!

Mike’s Response:

Words cannot express how goddamned stupid you really are.

Life goes easier if you’re nice? I suppose you have experience in doling out
this sort of advice. You surely have lived multiple lives experimenting with
different mindsets in order to properly theorize that being nice will indeed
make life go easier? Right? Exactly.
I am nice, if the party in question is relatively intelligent. To
morons, such as yourself, I am less than nice. An asshole, as some may phrase
it. I’m mean to those that bother me, there’s nothing wrong with that.

And you bother me. I’ve got some time, so I’ll explain why you bother me and
simultaneously have some fun mocking you.
Let’s take your atrocious fucking grammar into instance.
Your first idiotic sentence: “OMG r u SERIOUS!!!”
Firstly, this is not a question, because there is no question mark. Idiot.
Secondly, you have no idea how much it pisses me off when you morons type shit
like “r” and “u”. It’s 3 letters. “Are.”
“You.” It’s not difficult, you fucking dolt.
Thirdly, it is entirely unnecessary and stupid to make this phrase in caps.
What confuses me is why you only made the first and last word in caps. I guess
that’s just one of those things idiots do.

What I find hilarious is how you assume that I have no friends. Apparently,
you’re one of those idiots that think that assholes don’t have friends. Maybe
you haven’t been to a high school recently. I really suggest checking one out.

Hah, yeah, being an asshole automatically mandates that my father died in some
tragic accident when I was a child. Your thought process is incredible, really.

I really appreciate that you talked it over with God and asked him to bless me.
I’ll make sure to ask him to give you cancer.

And when I need advice, you can rest assured that you’ll be the FIRST person I
go to talk it over with, okay? Right after I slam your head in a door 4 or 5
times. That’ll just help to relax me a little before you give me advice.



andrea_4’s followup:

Ohh and also the only
thing u have going in life is well….. i can’t say
ur looks… and i can’t say ur smart cuz u work at a store ….. sooo i
guess u have nothing goin for u in life if u keep ur BAD attitud and keep being
an ass…so a little advice just change a little bit k drea hahahahahaha!!!!

Mike’s Response:

Oh boy, I don’t think even science can diagnose this level
of stupidity.

You can’t say I’m “looks”? That doesn’t really make any fucking sense
at all. If I can translate dumb bitch speak, I think you meant that you can’t
say that I am very attractive, which is fantastic, and also an OPINION.
Unfortunately for you, your opinion is outweighed by hundreds of other bitches
who think to the contrary of you, meaning to say they do indeed find me

I’m not smart because I work in a store? What the fuck does one have to do with
the other? I suppose I’d be smart if I was unemployed, huh? Geniuses sit at
home and watch TV. Fucking moron.

Since andrea_4 relatively annoyed me, I decided to top
off our exchange with the following:

“Hah, you look a little porky in your little profile pic
there too. Are you on a diet? Is that why you’re bitching? It’s okay honey, a
few boxes of Twinkies won’t hurt you that much. I promise.”

Oh ho ho ho, I’m terrible.

I will be sure to update with future installments if
andrea_4 decides to mouth off some more. Until then, this has been “Moron
from Tagworld”! Thanks for reading, and good night.


One response to “

  1. …Wow. She’s 15 and she’s that damn chunky? *Is scared for the health of the country* She…I don’t know where to begin. Just what the hell? Her typing is matched to the typing of a chimp’s…scratch that, the chimp is probably better…also with thought processes I might add. I hope to hear more, it was entertaining!

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