And now….more “Moron from Tagworld”!!

From: andrea_4
For ur information i did get CANCER already. when i was 13 years old to
be exact!!!! dumass, and i had a tumor on my leg its called
osteosarcoma look it up stupid guy who likes to mock ppl cuz he deosn’t
have any good come backs!!! and really u should NEVER wish that for a
person cuz when i went through that it was hard and i would HONESTLY
say i wouldn’t even wish this for the my worst enemy IF i had one. and
as far as attraction NNNNNO sorry the only reason i comment u and all
that was b/c one of my friend was saying so much stuff about u and i
thought that u deserve to hear some nice thing cuz honestly i wasn’t
being rude or a bitch and twinkies are so nasty and if u eat them good
for u …….. hope YOU get fat and I am not fat my weight is 110. so
check ur eye. and since u talked about my weight lets talk about urs i
think ur TOOOOO scrawny and need to get fat and YES i will talk it over
with GOD thank you very much cuz with him all things are possible u
should look into to it sometime. HOPEFULLY it will help u .and as far
as the bitchyness i do it only to ppl who are getting on my nerves not
b/c i’m hungry.and so much for reading my profile like u said.cuz it
specificly says to ppl who get on my nerves. so good for u .you just
made urself look like a bigger dumass!!!! and as far as slaming ur door
in my face. i wont be anywher near u cuz aparently u don’t have friends
who live in the middle of nowhere or talk to ppl who live in the middle
of nowhere. Again u made ur self look like a bigger dumass.and another
advice for u don’t mock ppl and think they won’t say something later
that will make u look like the dumass in the end k. O O O and heres
another one don’t correct ppl with ur “its three words”. again DUMASS
and “OMG r u serious” wasn’t a question it was something refering to u
r such a bitch and u r an even bigger dumass for thinking it was a
question cuz ur right it didn’t have a question mark. so why did u make
it a question. see this is why u shouldm’t mock ppl!!!! and for making
the caps it stands for the yelling i can’t do in ur face!! cuz trust me
if u wher in front of me i would do soooo much.and if u say ur not a
fan of tagworld. then why did u respond. OMG( oh my gosh if u didn’t
know dumass) did i mention u where a dumass . and no i did’t have
multiple lives or mindsets. that was just when something tragic
actually happend to me and i got some anger on ppl for a while and
after my anger was gone i notice life goes by alot beter if ur nice!!!!
well lets hope u get nicer cuz trust me it wouldn’t make u look as
ugly!! hate andrea

Mike’s response:
I’m sure you worked very hard on this diatribe, Andrea. And I want to
assure you that I was cracking up in laughter perusing it the whole
time. I would however suggest returning back to the 3rd grade and
learning some basic sentence structure. Some paragraph breaks here and
there. Maybe a properly placed comma or two?

As for your
cancer, I’d apologize, but I don’t feel guilt for idiots. In fact, I’m
glad you have cancer. It’s just good that stupidity isn’t contagious,
or you might have actually transmitted it, what with how much of it
you’ve spewed thus far. I’m sure you’re yelping with a superb “OMG r u
SERIOUS!!!” as I write this, but I suggest you save it. I’ve read up on
your condition. Have you undergone limb-salvage surgery? Or are you
going through chemo? I hope either has gone the worse for you.

glad you tried “standing up” for me to your friend who’s probably just
scared to try and talk to me directly. I invite her with open arms, by
the way.

I think I’ve covered most of the main points of your
little comeback here, Andrea. I’m not going to bother with the weight
issue. I’ll just say you’re fat and leave it at that.

I thought I might mention that our entire conversation is now public on
a website with a sufficiently large population. That way, I think,
everyone can see the breadth of your true idiocy.


andrea_4’s followup:

 NO  NO NO NO NO NO. every thing u just said is wrong. and i didn’t
try hard. and about the commas well i like run on and stupid sentences
sorry  and seriously if u didn’t like tagworld or whatever why are u
writing back. and as far as the cancer thing i am in remission.thank u.
and as far as ur stuff its not plublish………!!!

Mike’s response:
You have good logic. “I’m an idiot because I like to be.”

Nah, Tagworld’s not so bad when there’s so many illiterate morons to make fun of.

Aww…I’m very sorry to hear about your remissive cancer. Maybe you’ll get lucky and have some new cancer develop.

Look, you’re famous!


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