This old article of mine DEFINITELY needs bumping.

I won’t post the text here, but to summarize, it discussed friends with benefits and supposedly meant to show how I “matured” and was looking for a “healthy and loving” relationship with a partner that would fulfill all that we as men look for in women. Fuck that shit.

Really, the only part of the article that still applies is the chemistry bit:

I dunno, the whole “compatibility” thing is sort of a
misleading bullshit buzz phrase to me. You either like each other or you don’t.
“Chemistry”? Save science for people who know what they’re talking about.
establish something else here: a woman with a backbone. A girl who wouldn’t be
deceitful and cowardly enough to lead you on if she didn’t share the same
feelings you did
Putting feelings on the table is something of paramount
importance, I think. No façade, no bullshit, no unsureness. Actions are
out much more fluently when the facts are clear. Hey! Know what else I
don’t want? Some bitch who’s too much of a coward to tell you that
she’s dating a dude knowing full well you like her. Yeah. Definitely
don’t want that.”

Since writing that piece, I am currently not so adverse towards the friends with benefits because I feel that some level of fucking has to happen before love. It would just be stupid to jump straight to love without having any experiences prior. And as we all know, high school is all about getting some ass. Cold, emotionless, self-gratifying ass. Senior year’s lookin mighty good.

Another bit I’ve learned is to stop looking for “the one.” She’ll come on her own accord. Everyone has their time. Trying to cheat and rush time only results in finding some moron who you’ll crush on for 2 months, and then end up in sorrow for 2 weeks. The crushing is fun and a great way to waste time, sure, but it’s not practical in the end.



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  1. my man, as i always say, you speak true words, me an over-conservative but i see sex as a sacred act :(like what some ppl call it, “make love”how could you make it, when there’s no love?

  2. i know my english is too bad! But anyway, i didn’t learn english everytime, especially talking…i’m learning it! So, never mind it! i’m not like you. you can speak english all the time, but i can’t!
    And also, why you speak so much foul language, bad~….~i hate fxxx, hxxxxxxx…
    Dont show it again in my xanga, bad!

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