People think I’m mean!

Check out the flack I’ve gotten about my Irwin
on Tagworld, and my subsequent replies.

From: gh0stkEy

I am a firm believer that
what you dish out will come back to you and I can see by the obvious
“sincerity” in your post that it will come back to take a huge chunk
out of your ass.

Maybe you should exhaust your energies and hatefulness on those who are still
here .. but I guess it is easier for the ignorant to flame and verbally abuse
those who are deceased.


Mike: Perhaps you’re just too much of a moron to notice that
I am in fact “flaming” and “verbally abusing” idiots such
as yourself, rather than Irwin, per se. Can I exhaust my energies on that? You
are still here, after all, aren’t you? Or are you just a reanimated corpse
haunting me from the dead?

Take your fortune teller bullshit and shove it up your ass. Thanks.



From: exer

Unlike you, people
actually liked and cared for him. Just because when you
die, and nobody really does care, doesn’t mean you have to belittle a guy just
because they like him.

It’s true, his death wasn’t any more tragic than anyone elses. But how many
people know your ‘uncle joe’ when he dies? A relative handful, mostly family.
When a celebrity dies, millions know about it almost instantly.

Listen, don’t be jealous. I promise when you die and I read about it, I’ll
care. Honestly. Even if you never bring a smile to anyones face, or brighten
someones day like Steve did, at least you know one person out there in the vast
world might possibly care you died. Deal?


Mike: Oh they cared for him, did they? Well how much
did they care? For that matter, let’s stop speaking for other people and let’s
talk about YOU. How much did YOU care for him? As far as that goes, how much can
you care for a celebrity figure who you only saw through television and the
Internet, perhaps? Fairly little, I would think. You don’t care for him.
His wife and children care for him. You merely like him because he
provided you with (shitty) entertainment to give your otherwise pointless life
meaning. You may, although it’s slim and I’m attempting to give your poor
position some ground, “care” for him because of his conservationalist
efforts. And even that’s a poor excuse because you’re probably some random
douchebag who couldn’t give a flying fuck about saving the environment, nor
could you actually do much even if you did. Thus, the “environment”
bit’s a fairly null standpoint.

Let’s move on to the next point. I’d like to comment on how you assume that not
only will people not care about my death in the future, but that I actually
give a fuck if they, let alone you, do. To put it bluntly, they will and
I don’t.

Next, you claim that I’m belittling Irwin. How, pray tell? By saying that he’s
undeserving of all the widespread mourning just because he’s a celebrity? It’s
as if the Pope himself died. Celebrities of Irwin’s status (which pretty much
means all of them) are not deserving of any special treatment when they die.
It’s sad, you feel sorry for a few minutes, then forget about it. You don’t go
crying for 2 weeks over what is literally a goddamned stranger to you. Famous,
but still entirely a stranger.

So, I guess in conclusion, I’d like to say fuck you, and have a nice day.


2 responses to “People think I’m mean!

  1. I think some of the grief is coming from the fact that Irwin was one of the few celebrities who didn’t do any morally outrageous stuff (read: Hollywood). There was that one thing with his son and the crocodiles, but he did have the experience with animals. He did a tabloid-worthy thing ONCE…Then again, I know almost nothing about Irwin and have never seen any of his shows. Thus, at his death, I show the respect I would for the death of anyone I’ve heard of, and then I go back to what I was doing.Do pick some more interesting target than fandom, though. Everyone baits the fans.

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