So yesterday I went to that sophomore orientation thing to
tour the little kids around.


I’ll have you know that waking up at 6:45 for the first time in months sucks.


From my first interaction with the sophomores, I actually
got a taste of how fucking stupid and obnoxious these kids really are.


At one point, a senior was speaking to us about clubs or
something, and one snotty little sophomore had the audacity to yell, “Louder! I
can’t hear you!”


Later, our group of sophomores adjourned to the classrooms
to hear a presentation from the guidance counselors. One of the girls engaged
in conversation with me and another senior. It went something like this:


Soph: What room is this?

Senior: B13.

Soph: Oh! My math room is G13! How ironic!

Senior: …that’s not ironic.

Mike: You don’t know what irony means.


She just stopped talking thereafter.


Yeah, so the entire event was a wholesome waste of my time,
but I look at it as just another reason to drive my bitchin Miata, which made
the entire event completely worth it.


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