You know what pisses me off?

Discussing music with girls.

It’s not even the actual discussion, it’s that one phrase you say that makes my blood boil: “Oh I like everything!”

This is, of course, in response to: “What do you like to listen to?”

Now, I like to consider myself as someone who appreciates music. I listen to a broad variety of genres and generally dabble in anything that is pleasant to my ear. But my regimen still consists of a general mixture of rock and metal. I’ll have stints when I listen to Eminem, sure. A little bit of Paco de Lucia when I’m in the mood for something spicy. But I still enjoy rock at the most basic level. That is what I like to listen to. Not “everything.”

I was discussing Dragonforce, a fantasy metal band, with a buddy of mine, and I say to this chick, “Since you like everything, do you like Dragonforce?”

“Yeah, I love ’em.”

“Oh really? What songs have you heard?”

“Oh I don’t know.”

My bullshit detector was about ready to explode. Sure you don’t know, you idiot. You know the latest music video from Hellogoodbye. Just go back to listening to your zombie shit that every one of your stupid friends can recite by heart because you have no lives to call your own.

Is it that hard to find a girl who’s actually interesting to talk to?

I mean, shit, maybe the chick’s trying to impress me. I’ve mulled this possible scenario over in my mind. It’s plausible. She doesn’t want to seem like a moron in front of me, so she lies about liking the same band as I do, only making me further dislike her for her very deceit. Plan didn’t work out so well, did it? Honesty is the best policy. There’s a reason that’s a proverb. But what the hell am I talking about? Women being comfortable telling the truth? Next I’ll be wanting peace in the Middle East and Alabaman children counting to 20 without the use of their digits.


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  1. XD ahahaha, stop scaring the chicks off, Mike! You should be flattered that they make the effort in the first place to attempt to be agreeable with you. >__>;
    And not everyone has a firm grasp on what they like. Would you get offended if I told you I dont have a preference for any type of music and listen to whatever suits my mood at the current moment?

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