Mein Herz Brent!

I’m so fucking headfirst deep into Rammstein right now, that I spontaneously shriek German in class. I constantly mumble deutsche to myself. And sometimes, in Till Lindemann’s voice, I operatically belt verses in ze Mutter tongue at my unsuspecting classmates who simply sit and take it all. Like sheep.

Seriously, the band is so fucking good. The guitar and bass are both so brutal. The keyboards add a technoish touch to the mix.

But it’s Till’s voice that makes the band so unique. His voice drips of East German descent, and it is as rich and deep on the ear as any operatic baritone you may hear in concert. His voice belts, chants, and whispers. And his “R”‘s. His “R”‘s are the stuff of gods. He rolls them as only Germans can. So, so well.

95% of Rammstein’s songs are sung entirely in German, and they’re world famous regardless of the fact that half of their audience doesn’t even understand them. I think this is nothing short of incredible.

I’m doing the standard procedure with these guys. I downloaded every album, and I’ll be listening to them exclusively for the next one and a half to two months. See ya then.


I NEED to learn that riff.


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