SATs yesterday.


My test center was at Old Bridge High School because I must have signed up too late to be in EB, I guess. Eh, it’s alright. The drive was great. I saw a red Elise behind me on 18. When I got to the school, there were surprisingly a lot of people I knew from EB.

The test was like last year: too LOOONG. And our instructor was really lax too; he let us choose our own breaks. We took a break after the 1st or 2nd section, in which I ate a(n awesome) granola bar, drank a Red Bull, and took a piss. Simultaneously. And then from there, we just wrote the rest of the test straight through. We were done around 1:15.

I reviewed my essay from last year, which got a 7(/12), and looking at it with a fresh eye a year later, I’m shocked at how fucking stupid I was. I would have tried to find out if I could give my essay a score of less than 2. Like 0, or a negative number or something. It was such dogshit that dogshit would be embarassed to have the same name as it. Godawful, really.
Conversely, this essay was FANTASTIC. I knew what to write from the instant I read the prompt. The whole structure was instantly set out in my mind. It turned out great, I know it. I’ll consider sharing it when results come in.

I parked in the Guam region of the parking lot. And some asshat STILL managed to park directly next to me. The lot around us was bare. There was room for 150 more cars. And the cock still had to park next to me. Thankfully there was room between us.

The drive home was simply fantastic. There was a cool crisp breeze, driving top down was orgasmic.

This is the last time I’m ever taking the SATs. It’s sort of a big deal, I guess. Here’s hoping to get 2000+ this time around.


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