I visited college.


About time, anyway.

So this morning my parents and I made an excursion over to Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus.

I didn’t have the foresight of booking any tour, per se. Those things are bullshit anyway. So we just sort of walked around.

Ernest Mario’s School of Pharmacy (William Levine Hall) is located in Busch Campus, and let me be the one to say that the entire Busch campus is fucking HUGE. I have absolutely no basis for comparison, so you can pretty much bite me. It’s big, end of story. I checked out the library, got a map from some ugly college student, and even checked out Metzger Hall (a dorm hall)! Some dude let us in, and then we interrogated a young man who came down to purchase a soft beverage from the vending machine (which accepts cash, as well as these neat Rutgers “debit cards.”) He showed us around the rooms a bit, and demonstrated the cleanliness, or lack there of, of his own. Seems really nice. The hall lounge is ridiculous. There’s a ping pong table and a pool table. That’s just sick.

From what I saw today, I am more than likely to go here. If not straight to Pharmacy, then just undergraduate study here and transfer in later.


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  1. oh please. About the Rutgers debit card, a lot of colleges have that. Heck, I have my Penn State debitcard in my pocket right now.
    just saying, that’s standard stuff. Good thing you’re not judging by the furnishings alone, huh.

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