Saw III Review:



Saw III is the final chapter in the franchise’s trilogy. And
I am extremely happy to report that it was fantastic. I thought the plot was
incredibly well thought out. And the way the final twist surprised you, but in a
way that you still pieced what was going to happen based on what you were told
before, was brilliant.


Each film, although built on its predecessor, is still in my
mind an entirely different beast than any other one.


Saw I focused very little on gore. The movie was just flat
out fucking scary. I remember how I was shaking the first time I saw it. It was
brilliantly pieced together how Gordon’s and Adam’s life was intertwined
together to form the entire storyline into the cohesive thing it was. And the
twist in the end was incredible. Zep’s character was truly one you could
despise; just the stereotypical conniving little fucking rat that you loved to
hate. Danny Glover played extremely well in yet another detective role (see the
Lethal Weapon tetralogy) that
just never seems too stale with him at the helm.


Saw II introduced a new element: group horror. A bunch of
convicts are trapped in a house where nerve gas is slowly being pumped through
the circulation, giving them only 2 hours to live and find an antidote to
survive. The deaths were very creative here and each death was self inflicted.
Nobody was under the pressure of time to find a key or accomplish a task to
save themselves (directly, anyway). Deaths were either self imposed or caused
by others in this film. The cast was great. Each character was very unique, and
this added to the film overall. Greatest shock value goes to Saw II where the
needle pit scene literally elicited an audible gasping “HOLY FUCK” from me in
the movie theater. The ending twist in this film was equally amazing, in which
Eric Matthew’s son was right next to him, literally, the entire film. Amanda’s
role as John’s apprentice is introduced in the end in this film, as well.


The third film cemented the fact that Amanda was a bitch.
Every single one of the people put to tests had no chance of survival. They
were victims. And she was just a plain vanilla murderer. She failed her own
test. And so did Jeff.

I thought the Jeff portion of the film was extremely well
done. It portrayed a man tortured by his own vengeance and hatred being forced
to make the most painful moral decisions imaginable to the people that made him
the vengeful creature he was.

The other half of the movie surrounded Lynn and John, who
was quickly approaching death. As Lynn
interacted with John, more was learned about John’s history, as well as
Amanda’s. It was interesting to observe how Amanda behaved towards John. She
was an entirely different person towards Lynn;
a bitch, just as she was to everyone. She did make one interesting conclusion,
however: “We never change.” John’s entire purpose in putting people through
such torturous hell was so they could realize their errors in life, and change.
But no one changes. Amanda never changed. Eric Matthews never changed. And Jeff
never changed.

I sympathized with Jeff so much. You couldn’t help but level
with him. He lost his 8 year old son at the hands of a drunk driver. He was
wrought with grief and pain. But he never learned his lesson: to forgive. And he paid the price for


John, played by Tobin Bell, was such an amazing character
throughout every single film. From the brilliantly demonic devices he created
to the old and wise voice he commanded as he preached about people and the
lives they take for granted, everything about John made you respect him. He was
never cheesy, he was never annoying. He was just a calm old man whose actions
set every film into effect.


Amanda was never a character I liked too much. She was a
junkie and an emo kid, an awesome combination. Her emotional antics just made
her annoying in the third film. It’s like, “Relax bitch. John doesn’t like Lynn
more than you. Put the fucking gun down and go cut yourself while you listen to
Hawthorne Heights.”


There was maybe one loophole I didn’t like in the film. In
the end, when Jeff was about to kill John, didn’t he see the giant fucking
collar around his wife? Wouldn’t he based on common sense ask what the hell it
was before slitting John’s throat with a buzz saw? Only thing I thought didn’t
work as well as the rest of the film.


All in all? Fantastic film. Excellent end to an excellent


Final Rating: A


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  1. There’s one thing about Saw III that confused me. In the beginning of the movie, where Lynn is introduced in the bed room with the other guy, the other guy wanted a divorce. I thought both of them were married. And then in the end, the audience finds out that Jeff and Lynn were together. Are Jeff and Lynn both married? Or did Lynn cheat on the other guy for Jeff?And Amanda reminds me one of those VERY VERY insecure girlfriends who cling to their boyfriends and gives every girl the evil “get the fuck away from my boyfriend or I’ll kill you in your sleep” glare.

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