Day 3, Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good day. Sunbathed. Played a little ping pong. Watched TV
drunk. Perfect way to spend a day in Cancun.


Today at the theater, X-Men 3 was playing. Now I’ve only
seen the first one. And I may have to watch the sequel when I get home, because
this movie was very very cool. This movie was an orgasmic overload of special
effects, nothing more and nothing less. Seeing the Golden
Gate Bridge
floating in mid air was quite the spectacle. And I love all the mutants and
their crazy shit too. Basically, for a geek like me, this was awesome.


I tried what’s called a screwdriver today. It’s a very plain
drink. It just tasted like pineapple and vodka. I’m much more a fan of the rum
and coke.


Tonight we had dinner at the hotel’s Japanese restaurant.

Yes, sushi was served as an appetizer and it was Goddamned
delicious. I threw the entire chunk of wasabi into the soy sauce, mixed it
altogether, and concocted a veritable brew of death. The sushi was nice
and varied, too. A few shrimp sashimi rolls, a couple of vegetable rolls.
Really good stuff.

And believe it or not, at 17 and ¾ of age, I finally
conquered the art… of eating with chopsticks. I am entirely serious. God
help me, I never knew how to use the fucking things. It was surprisingly easy,
actually; one stick remains immobile, and the other is used as a lever to move
up and down. Fascinating shit. And actually a bit of fun, too.

The main course was a steak cut into squares, so as to make
eating with chopsticks an actually feasible endeavor. I imagine I would
have had much fun fashioning a pair of chopsticks into a knife.


After dinner, we went out to walk around the town. Here, I
began to pay attention to the vehicles in the city. First of all, many models
are not native to the United States.
The new generation Jetta, for example, is called a Bora here. I caught site of
a Chevy Korba. Stupidest fucking name ever. There was also a Chevy Attitude (or
maybe a Hyundai?) It’s truly impressive when car manufacturers actually become
so fucking clueless as to what to call their cars that they resort to shit like

Just a fun fact: cars are ALL stick here. Every last one.


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