Quick in between vacation posts update post.

Things are well.
Half day tomorrow. SICK.
I’m singing System of a Down for Solo Day tomorrow. Yeah. “Tentative” from “Hypnotize.”
I can sort of heel toe now. (Esoteric term that only stick drivers understand)

Irony has a neat knack for uncovering phonies. Or hypocrites at any rate. Names? Do you think me foolish?

“Up the Down Staircase” was spectacular. The emotion was a palpable thing, really. Only gripe was that Alice needed more exposition; she’s in the hospital…AND?! Little more background would have been nice. Otherwise, Ms. Sylvia Barrett’s performance was incredible, I thought; heartfelt and gripping.

Oh, Borat was the funniest fucking shit I’ve seen in a long time.

ARGH! The awkwardness of youth. Bitches. Anonymous stalking is so sophomoric, literally.


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