I washed my vehicle today. I washed it last in September, and it has since gotten ridiculously filthy. My paint job may be gorgeous, but, like all dark colors, gets dirty all too quickly.

It’s about 40 degrees outside today, with fairly gusty winds. And the water from my hose is easily at subzero temperatures. Whilst washing one’s vehicle, one’s hand is submerged in water for most of the entire process.

I thought my hand may very well have been stricken with frostbite. I haven’t experienced such cold in a very long time. Sometime late throughout the process, however, my body acclimated, and my hand felt flush with extreme heat. It was very pleasant.

So my baby’s clean once more (and ready to be made filthy once more by the salt and dirt of winter EB roads).


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  1. No no, he’s the zombie, I’m the vampire. And why didn’t you wash your car sooner? It’s about as cold here as it is in NJ I think right about now, so I feel your pain.

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