Today, I shamed myself in front of cretins. Slow witted
boorish morons who wouldn’t know satire if it shit on their face.

“Oh you’ve been gonged LOL!”

Yeah fuck all of you too.



“It is often the case that players will simply “drop out” of voice
communication, and if they dropped out for every person on the team
that would be one thing. What actually happens is that a person will
drop out for one or two people, while the rest of the server hears them
beautifully. You run into situations where you need to act as the relay
between two friends who can’t hear one another, which is an
“inconvenience” when armed soldiers are on the prowl. We call that sort
of thing bullshit around here, but we are a cadre of coarse, rugged men who often prefer the company of wild creatures.”

“They’ve managed to create a game where you can be in the same server and still not play with your friends. Where you need to rely on methods just this side of string and empty soup cans to relate some time-sensitive (Goddamn) data
I’ve determined that this isn’t even the most dire result. The worst
thing about it is that it truncates cameraderie: there’s no unified
celebration, and there’s no shared grief.”

“The “upcoming” Rainbow Six patch resolves the voice issues lamented previously,
but actually removes a feature that worked without fail: proximity
voice. This also happens in Halo 2, but the ability to hear nearby
enemies in Rainbow Six is (and this is only a rough estimate) seventy
billion times more important. In Halo, a hundred shards of exploding
crystal can pierce your flesh and you can live on to write your
memoirs. In R6, if a friend even shows you a picture of a gun, you will both die.”


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