Houston, we have clutch and flywheel. Proceed to celebrate, make loud whooping noises, and generally exhibit abnormally ecstatic behavior.

Oh and I lied before. My flywheel’s 8 pounds. I weighed it. =DDDDDDD

“Most of my observations are the sort of thing anyone with a substantial portable player already knows, and they aren’t unique to the Zune. Access to that much audio without being tethered to a computing mothership is decadent. It’s decadent like eating gold. Seriously, like if you ate some gold and weren’t even that hungry to begin with – just hunched over a yawning treasure chest, chowing on doubloons for no reason.

Putting on headphones in public, in essence denying the world, is probably more thrilling than the act itself would suggest. The kind of social force-field it generates is something I’ve needed to blunt the outside world for quite some time – and the ability to institute a directorial vision, even while in a grocery store, can’t be overstated. I challenge you to listen to Kate Havnevik in some crowded place and not find yourself miraculously transformed into the protagonist of a spontaneous film.”


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