It’s Friday tomorrow.

This pleases me.

I have to write an essay for English about a classmate that I despise. Oh the delicious possibilities.

Idiot     (8:59:25 PM)  
: heyy are you in honors english?

Mike     (8:59:30 PM)  
: Nope

Idiot     (8:59:35 PM)  
: regular?

Mike     (8:59:41 PM)  
: Yes

Idiot     (8:59:46 PM)  
: what book did you read

Idiot     (8:59:53 PM)  
: cause im a dumbass and read to honors books

Mike     (9:00:05 PM)  

Mike     (9:00:55 PM)  
: I read About A Boy

Idiot     (9:02:15 PM)  
: whats that about

Mike     (9:03:23 PM)   : …..a boy

Idiot     (9:04:50 PM)  
: whens our math homework due

Mike     (9:05:55 PM)  
: Wednesday

Idiot     (9:07:19 PM)  
: its not due wednesday is it?

Mike     (9:07:26 PM)  
: I just said Wednesday

Idiot     (9:07:37 PM)  
: are you sure?

Mike     (9:08:47 PM)  
: Positive

Idiot     (9:09:14 PM)  
: like a week from today?

Mike     (9:09:17 PM)  
: Yes

Idiot     (9:09:26 PM)  
: okie thanks

Idiot is away at 9:10:06 PM.


3 responses to “

  1. i think about a boy is about two boys.
    one, literally, a boyanother, metaphorically, the adult, who lived under his father’s shadow and pride his whole life.but that’s just my opinion :
    and rest assure…msn pwns aol’s ass.

  2. Wow..that was pathetic. And yeah I did learn how to drive stick before. Not hard at all, just would have to play with it a little bit to get used to it again (All I’ve been driving is automatic).

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