So my car’s pretty much in a billion fucking pieces right now.

Exhaust is pulled. Driveshaft is pulled. Transmission is pulled. Pressure plate/clutch/flywheel are pulled.

6 words: impact…wrench…for…the…win.
That thing made life so fucking easy it’s not even funny.
Driveshaft bolts? ZOOOM…BANG. Off.
Flywheel bolts which are torqued to some insane fucking 80ft lbs? ZOOOOOM…BANG. ZOOOM…BANG. OFF.

Also, 20″ extension plus universal swivel ftw. Taking off the transmission without either of the two items would have been a joke otherwise.

1/2″ – 3/8″ adapter helped too.

The OEM pressure plate bolts don’t thread with the Fidanza. The pitch is different. I bought 6 bolts for $2.31 at ACE vs. Fidanza’s offer to ship them out for $15.

My car’s gonna be up on jacks probably until Wednesday or so.

I’ve wiped down the transmission of clutch dust and filth and will fill it with two quarts of Redline MT90 today.

Cars are fun.


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