Psychostick’s a good band. Comedy hardcore hasn’t really been done much.

I’m pretty sick today. I muster this belief due to my nose expelling fluid by the liter.

I’ve recently gotten into gummy bear vitamins. The suggested dosage is 2.
I ate like 40.

The reasoning behind this most certainly must have been: why take two when I get EVEN HEALTHIER IN LESS TIME?

I guess you can see the irony.

Especially since I haven’t gotten so much as a cough all winter.

Oh well.

The exams are over. They were alright. So the last 2nd semester of high school begins. My classes aren’t even changing. I’m going to Psych 2 with the same teacher at the same time. And I’m extending Chorus another quarter, just because I’d rather learn how to harvest cow shit than take a quarter of Jewelry Experience.


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