I rolled over 300 miles on the new setup today. Very happy about that. I should be finished sometime this month. Not happy about gas though. The shit jumped a quarter from the $1.9dick I used to pay. I mean, $20 still gives me a full tank (~8 gallons), but it was just so comforting to see gas dip below the $2 line in God knows how long.

I feel that the Facebook bubble has burst. I got in on it when it was still relatively new. People approaching it still thought they were “too cool” for it and it was still generally considered to be for “da Ashunz.” Now, every last douchebag has jumped on the fad bandwagon to “b kool” and get a fucking Facebook. Congratulations, Facebook is the new Myspace. And it’s all because of you assholes!
I swore to myself I would never get a Myspace. I kept true to this promise to this day. I will forever find it the biggest internet mind dump ever thought up by corporate minds to make money off of stupid fucking teenagers.
I won’t get rid of Facebook now since I’ve already had a taste of the drug. And I suppose the shit has some neat aspects.
The groups one can join are like mini messageboards all separated from one another. And “walls” are just your own personal messageboard.
The “mini feed” is a stalker window of sorts. Now at 3 a.m., you can see what group that sophomore girl who you had in some class 6 months ago joined. It’s brilliant!
“Oh shit, my friend’s written on the wall for “Macs are Gay.” I better mention it in a wall post or they won’t think I’m their friend anymore! Fuck! Fuck me!”
The breadth of graphics, however, is nothing short of astonishing. Vain losers throw up 400 pictures of themselves from that Halloween party last fall that was totally “off da hook.” One can get lost in what I like to call photographic adventures for hours upon hours. “Wait wait, I’m on page 356 of this bitch’s photo album at the beach in sophomore year. Just a few more minutes. My 20 page Renaissance report can wait a little while longer to be written.”
And holy SHIT is Facebook a time sucking black hole. You check in real quick at around 9 p.m. to see if someone’s left you a wall post, and before you know it, you’re discussing the finer points of grammar in the group entitled “Grammar is Hot” and it is approximately 1:24 a.m. People create groups on the very subject, all of them cleverly titled like, “Fuck off Facebook, I’m doing homework.” (LOL).
I hate Mark Zuckerburg for being so fucking good at human psychology. The fucker knows that every human is vain and narcissistic, and he takes full advantage of us with this Facebook shit.
Facebook is going to become so fucking commercialized in the future it isn’t even funny. I mean, it’s already started with this gift shit. $1 a gift. Ooh how cute, you can send your friends a thong with a winking smilie to send across the message that you would like to fuck them 9 ways till Sunday. Nothing achieves that better short of a poke.
Poking is such a phenomenon that Xanga has gone so far as to rip it off to the point of actually keeping the same fucking name. Could have called it prodding or some shit, something fucking CREATIVE! Poking means you want to fuck. It is the silent “fuck me” message. It is the internet equivalent of giving someone “fuck me” eyes, or otherwise eye fucking someone. Note: you will NEVER find a guy poking ANOTHER guy. That just screams, “FLAMING CHOCOLATE THIEF” at 120 decibels across a fucking football field.

I haven’t written any rants for a while now. Felt good to get that out.

I am looking forward to the spring weather. Tuesday was a day of paramount importance. It was the first day I deemed it warm enough to have the windows down. This can only mean that once it gets just a smidgen warmer, the top will be in the fucking down position. Permanently. And it will be orgasming from there on out. God, I’m excited.


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