Holy fucking shit. I’m done. I’m actually finally done!

It’s been 750 miles of pure and utter hell. Slow grandma hell. Half throttle. Watching the tach crawl and crawl.


I just floored it for the first time. GOD-DAMN! I hit 80mph in 3rd gear the second I hit 750 miles.

And it was GLORIOUS. The whine the new flywheel makes mixed with the angry scream of the engine is just intoxicating.

And HOLY FUCK does the tach bury fast when you bury the loud pedal.

I am looking forward to one hell of a good time in my car from here on out!

I hate the fact that pretty much the entire fucking senior class is driving now.

There is literally no more room to park.

I came to school one day about 5 minutes late a few days ago. I’m driving towards the range, and I see the same few cars doing circles. “Whatever,” I think to myself, right before I realize, “THERE’S NO FUCKING SPOTS!” Even the spots all the way in the back where buses usually park are occupied.

Fucking unbelievable.

Circling around, I finally drive up to the fucking cop sitting talking with his other cop friend in the F-150.
I go, “There’s nowhere to park!”
As his friend pulls out to make room for me, he tells me to park behind the G35 parked parallel along the side of the snow. The whole ordeal must have ate another 5 minutes at least.

Besides having to park on the fucking sidewalk if you’re more than 2 minutes late, another disadvantage to so many kids driving now is the simple theorem that high school kids CAN’T FUCKING DRIVE. It’s actually sort of intimidating. These recent graduates of puberty and permits are either gas-happy idiots or terrified brakers, both of which piss me off. Mommy and Daddy just bought Sara a brand new 5 series and she’s determined to show the world how good of a driver she is (and how much money her parents are made of.) Nevermind the fact that Sara has to be fucking guided by her friends how to back out of a spot after school. I simply can’t wait for a crash to happen in the range one Friday afternoon when an overzealous fuck in his Evo decides to floor it into the rear of a Chevy Malibu.  I have already heard tales of crashes happening in the Summerhill lot and I am just jealous.

Fucking high school kids. Leave driving to those who aren’t completely inept at it.

I saw the play tonight. It was quite good.

The dance numbers were great (though admittedly flashier in The Music Man). I especially enjoyed the small acrobatic scene early on.

Each character had very vivid personality, and I thought that was extremely well done by each of the actors and actresses.

All the British accents were awesomely spot on, save for a few who seemed to confuse British accents with Irish ones. Oh well.

It was actually surprising how many actors had no lines at all; it didn’t seem that way for The Music Man, though it might just be me.

Finally, the whole R.L. Stine Goosebumps “CHOOSE UR OWN ADVNTRE LOL” was neat, at best. There will always be someone disappointed that their selection was not chosen simply because of audience majority. Though not much can be done to remedy the situation, the show’s overall appeal still suffered because of it nonetheless.

Honestly, the drive home I had was so phenomenally fun, it may have actually eclipsed the play. And the play was awesome, too. That’s how good the drive was.

Also, 550 miles. 200 left to go.

My monitor is sex.

22″ is fucking phenomenal.

My 15″ refused to up to 1280×960. Now I’m in 1680×1050. Widescreen is good life.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a DVD in widescreen, eliminating black bars. The contrast is incredible. I was watching Shrek, a film that is extremely intricate in terms of visual detail. I could see each fine hair on Donkey blowing in the wind.

The monitor’s construction initself is fantastic. The stand is large and stable. Most importantly, it is height adjustable. I was able to slip my center speaker right underneath the monitor. The setup looks stock.

Real estate screen space is gigantic. To give you an idea of the amount of room, I can fit twelve IM windows to fill up the entire screen. I actually had to bump up the Windows font a notch as the font was just that tiny.

I next went to boot up HL2: Lost Coast in this resolution. You can see. A LOT. Looks gorgeous.
I’ve yet to try something fast paced like CS, but Lost Coast was fine.

Backlight bleeding is present. It’s undeniable. When the screen is black or dark, bleeding is present on top and bottom. But considering just how often the top or bottom of my screen isn’t covered either by a toolbar or a window, it’s largely harmless.I can live with the bleeding. It’s a phenomenal monitor.

The 225BW is slimmer than the 226BW. It looks better. It’s height adjustable. And it’s a shitload cheaper now too.

I’ll throw up pics in the near future. Love my new toy.

Oh, that fuck Maddox updated. It’s a funny article, I guess.

I was sitting at a light today at the intersection of Ryders and Cranbury. The windows are down, it is fucking spectacular weather, and only one thought is coursing through my mind.

“Why in the fuck is my top up?”

Not being able to find a logical explanation for this question, I did the only thing that was right.

Right at the light, I unzipped the back window, folded it down, unclasped the two front top clasps, and with great pleasure threw the top down. It sighed with pleasure as it fell back, as if relieved to be free from its closed position for the last 4 months.

The second the top went down, the smile on my face was plastered. I was so fucking elated. I didn’t care about schmucks going 40 in front of me. I didn’t care about anything. I was just so inexplicably happy to be driving top down again.

Hello spring.