I was sitting at a light today at the intersection of Ryders and Cranbury. The windows are down, it is fucking spectacular weather, and only one thought is coursing through my mind.

“Why in the fuck is my top up?”

Not being able to find a logical explanation for this question, I did the only thing that was right.

Right at the light, I unzipped the back window, folded it down, unclasped the two front top clasps, and with great pleasure threw the top down. It sighed with pleasure as it fell back, as if relieved to be free from its closed position for the last 4 months.

The second the top went down, the smile on my face was plastered. I was so fucking elated. I didn’t care about schmucks going 40 in front of me. I didn’t care about anything. I was just so inexplicably happy to be driving top down again.

Hello spring.


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