I saw the play tonight. It was quite good.

The dance numbers were great (though admittedly flashier in The Music Man). I especially enjoyed the small acrobatic scene early on.

Each character had very vivid personality, and I thought that was extremely well done by each of the actors and actresses.

All the British accents were awesomely spot on, save for a few who seemed to confuse British accents with Irish ones. Oh well.

It was actually surprising how many actors had no lines at all; it didn’t seem that way for The Music Man, though it might just be me.

Finally, the whole R.L. Stine Goosebumps “CHOOSE UR OWN ADVNTRE LOL” was neat, at best. There will always be someone disappointed that their selection was not chosen simply because of audience majority. Though not much can be done to remedy the situation, the show’s overall appeal still suffered because of it nonetheless.

Honestly, the drive home I had was so phenomenally fun, it may have actually eclipsed the play. And the play was awesome, too. That’s how good the drive was.

Also, 550 miles. 200 left to go.


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