I hate the fact that pretty much the entire fucking senior class is driving now.

There is literally no more room to park.

I came to school one day about 5 minutes late a few days ago. I’m driving towards the range, and I see the same few cars doing circles. “Whatever,” I think to myself, right before I realize, “THERE’S NO FUCKING SPOTS!” Even the spots all the way in the back where buses usually park are occupied.

Fucking unbelievable.

Circling around, I finally drive up to the fucking cop sitting talking with his other cop friend in the F-150.
I go, “There’s nowhere to park!”
As his friend pulls out to make room for me, he tells me to park behind the G35 parked parallel along the side of the snow. The whole ordeal must have ate another 5 minutes at least.

Besides having to park on the fucking sidewalk if you’re more than 2 minutes late, another disadvantage to so many kids driving now is the simple theorem that high school kids CAN’T FUCKING DRIVE. It’s actually sort of intimidating. These recent graduates of puberty and permits are either gas-happy idiots or terrified brakers, both of which piss me off. Mommy and Daddy just bought Sara a brand new 5 series and she’s determined to show the world how good of a driver she is (and how much money her parents are made of.) Nevermind the fact that Sara has to be fucking guided by her friends how to back out of a spot after school. I simply can’t wait for a crash to happen in the range one Friday afternoon when an overzealous fuck in his Evo decides to floor it into the rear of a Chevy Malibu.  I have already heard tales of crashes happening in the Summerhill lot and I am just jealous.

Fucking high school kids. Leave driving to those who aren’t completely inept at it.


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