I’ve been trying various scotches/whiskys over the course of a few days. The competitors were Jack Daniels, Chivas, and Johnny Walker Red Label. The Red Label won by a long shot. Most whiskys taste like shit, and Jack Daniels is no exception. It is the absolute worst tasting liquor I’ve ever tried. Chivas really wasn’t much better. I did however somewhat enjoy Red Label (coincidentally, of the three, it is the most expensive liquor you will find in restaurants). It leaves a warm feeling in your head as soon as hits you (read: quick). I also understand there’s Green Label, Black Label, and Gold Label.

I’ve discovered a lot of really good shows on this one Canadian network called Teletoon. Besides the obligatory Family Guy, I’ve also really enjoyed Harvey Birdman and Tripping the Rift. Both shows are awesomely raunchy and immature, and I love it. I’ll definitely have to go torrenting when I get home.

I’ve watched some films these few days as well.

  • “Failure to Launch” is a film with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, an extremely unattractive woman who supposedly has charisma to make up for said unattractiveness. It’s a feel good film about a guy who, at 35 years old, still lives at home with his parents, an incredibly implausible sounding scenario in my mind’s eye. But that aside, the plot continues with his parents cooking up a scheme of sorts to get him out of the house by hooking him up with a chick, who actually dates guys for money in order to get them out of their parents’ houses. Professionally. One of the characters raised an interesting question: “How do you get in that field?” Good question, character. It was explained that she, like most people, “fell into it.” A long time ago she fell for a guy who lived with his parents, and failing to get him to move out, she decided to focus on other fucking losers who still did. Blah blah blah, she fell in love with this McConaughey, he drawled something in his stupid Southern accent, they sailed away on a boat, the end. Oh yeah, McConaughey got bitten by various wildlife throughout the film, resulting in barrels of laughter.
  • “Old School” is fucking awesome. I said it. Will Ferrell is a fucking god. Even Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson were hysterical. And I usually can’t stand Vaughn. I won’t spoil the story. It’s basically about 3 guys starting a fraternity and engaging in various hijinks in the process. Just see it.
  • “Stranger Than Fiction” is a very good movie. As a Will Ferrell film, it’s actually rather atypical to his normal roles. He plays the role of a fictional character in a book written and narrated by a woman. Soon, Ferrell begins hearing her narrate his life exactly as it’s happening. He eventually learns that the woman narrating his life actually intends to kill him. And so the plot ensues. I was really surprised at Ferrell’s performance in such a film that was both humorous and serious at times.

It’s a decent vacation so far.



We got to Quebec around 7ish o’clock. The drive was a little under 10 hours. God, I-87 sucks. I took it last time to my Miata meet and it hasn’t gotten any more interesting.

After a day in this city, I can ascertain one thing: Quebec is a fat person’s worst nightmare.
The inclines in this fucking city are like San Francisco’s on crack. Though I would assume it makes a sweet luge course.

As I was walking around the city last night, I kept noticing fucking Miatas! It was unbelievable! Miata after Miata after Miata! New ones, old ones, even 2nd gen NBs! Canada seems to be chockful of them. We started noticing them on the highway at first, but they’re parked all over Quebec too.

There was some sort of shindig going on the other day at the hotel, something about a high school prom or something. The cars some of these kids were coming in were nothing short of boner-inducing. One fuck came in a bright red Lotus Elise, the first time I’ve ever seen one in person. He then proceeded (like a jackass) to rev the thing to its redline. The scream was gorgeous. Another kid came in a Carrera 4S, which was unfortunately an autotragic. There was a BMW Z3, a piece of shit riced out SRT4 (complemented fantastically by 4″ rotors) and I even saw a new NC Miata in Stormy Blue!

Apparently, only 10% of the teenage population speaks English, which, if I ever try to go to a club, will leave me up shit creek with no paddle, trying to formulate some retarded sentence constructed from the vocabulary attained after 4 years of “studying” French. Oh well, I’ll just woo the ladies with my American charm and American money. Yeah, that’ll get them.

A plus to the vacation is our hotel. Staying at the Hilton, we have the “Executif” floor and subsequent access to the Club Executif, which is pretty much just a lounge where you can eat breakfast from 7-11, eat lunch from 5-7, and drink alcohol from 5-10.

Speaking of alcohol, my room has a stocked minibar, with those adorable tiny little 50ml liquor bottles! Oh, the assortment is fantastic. There’s Jack Daniels, Johnny Red Label, Chivas, Grand Marnier, Smirnoff, and even my Bacardi! And of course, there’s your standard arrangement of terrible light beer and soft drinks.
The lounge has all these liquors (full sized, of course) and more, including Bailey’s (which is simply delicious), Amaretto, and Creme de Menthe.

The people are pretty nice and I do try to utilize the the assorted bag
of phrases and questions I know how to form. I don’t know if it’s
motivation enough to study the language further, but who knows?

Generally, the experience is up in the air right now. I’m not into the whole “walking around the old city” schtick like my parents are, and yet I do love a good drink. I’ll have to give it a little more time. I have a room filled with alcohol. I have reading material. I have a laptop with (moderately expensive) internet access. Hell, maybe I can meet one of these American visitor women, too, and not have to look like an idiot speaking French. Alright!

This Canadian Internet post is complete.

Prom weekend huh? It’s gonna be pretty wild.

I don’t think I’m gonna remember much. I just know it’s gonna be filled with alcohol and debauchery.

I’m pretty excited that senior year is pretty much over. Senioritis has, at this point, completely taken over me like a virus. I am actually borderline failing several classes.

At least I’m exempt from gym. Ahem.

I’d like to go to college. Soon. This summer has to be fucking nuts. Because college is gonna be the beginning of the end. Sorta. Haha.