Man oh man, the Killswitch show really was excellent and very good! A couple of fucking cunts kept trying to shove in front of me. They also made attempts to convince a fat kid directly in front of me to switch spots with them “just for a few songs.” Because the crowd would just step aside and allow them to just mosey on where ever the fuck they wanted. And also because they would really give up a front row spot after being able to convince someone stupid enough to give it up.

The opening bands were 1/3 awesome. That’s because there were 3 bands.

Parkway Drive. They’re so fucking good I’ve been listening to them endlessly for about a week straight now. I haven’t listened to such a catchy band in a hell of a long time.

Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die all sucked ass.

Killswitch’s set was ridiculous. The aforementioned fat kid got a glimpse of the set list. I nearly came in pants as he read it off. “This is gonna be fucking amazing,” I thought. It was. The intro was the song from The Price is Right, and then kicked off into “As Daylight Dies.” The show didn’t let up a beat from there. KSE chugged through the entire set list and put on an absolutely spectacular live show.

Fuck, what a good show.


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