I’m sitting in my bullshit prisons & prisoners class in the last class of the semester. Thursday’s the final. Thank fucking God. Now I gotta cram 5 chapters of physiology covering the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and gastrointestinal system all for another test on Monday. Fuck my life.

In other news, Despised Icon is fucking brutal. I kind of like Animosity too.


Got done with the advanced maps in Portal the other day. Really really clever fucking maps.

one, all the turrets are in cages. So it’s a mix of extremely carefully
placed portals and hauling ass. Really gets the blood pumping.

can’t wait for the next Portal, myself. Shit, I’d gobble up almost
anything Valve would throw at me, but I’m just not sure about this Left
4 Dead thing. I like zombie games; hell, Resident Evil 4 was fucking
stellar, but I just don’t know at this point.

Portal’s an amazing game. But everyone knows this. What’s possibly even better, however, is the 3D Flash Version Mappack. It’s 40 maps of the most heinous, sadistic puzzles anyone could ever come up with. The creators of these maps really should be in psychiatric care. But good GodDAMN are those maps fun! The final boss is also quite impressive. Shit, the fact that a mappack add-on has a boss at all is impressive enough. The mappack’s free, so go check it out at wecreatestuff.com.

Besides that, other games I’ve played a while ago and am telling an imaginary audience about now are Oblivion and F.E.A.R. Files.

Oblivion’s spectacular. Especially in 1080p. On a 37″ LCD panel. The game looks amazing, there’s enough quests to last you a few months at least, and it’s just an addictive experience. I’ve done damn near everything in it by now.

F.E.A.R. Files is a collection of the expansion packs made for the original game, which includes Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate. It’s really much of the original in the way of intensely exciting firefights and creepy sections with things that jump out and scare you. It focuses a bit less on the little details that made the original special like TPS reports lying around offices, but at least you’re given a couple new guns to blow soldiers to chunks with.

I wish I had more time to game, but these motherfucking summer classes really do demand my time. Thank God it’s just a few more weeks of this hell.