I’m considerably angry and I figure that this a good time to craft my anger into comedy gold.

Today, I set out to purchase a package of materials for organic chemistry which includes: the textbook, the study guide/solutions manual, an “i-Clicker”, and a molecular structure model which is really just a bunch of polyurethane fucking legos.

On both the NJ Books website and the Rutgers Co-op Bookstore website, the package is listed as available in both used and new for $95.05 and $126.70 respectively. Keeping this in mind, I drove to the Co-op bookstore located on Cook Campus, a 20ish minute drive for me. There, the register fuckstick brought me the package, rang it up on his register and it read in large green font: “$126.70”.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa…no no, the website said $95.”
“That’s used.”
“So give me used.”
“We don’t have any used. You’d have to sell us back the book.”
(So, in essence, this retarded button monkey is suggesting that I purchase the book for full price, sell it back for $30 or whatever fucking nonsense the store would pay for my expensive textbook, and then purchase it AGAIN for $95. Boy, this guy must have passed economics with flying colors.)

“What are you talking about? Just open it!”

Then some guy on his fucking deathbed comes over to give his $.02 and tells me that he put 3 kids through college and knows how I feel and that while he “wouldn’t lose any sleep over it”, he still “feels kind of bad”. Fuck you, you geriatric piece of shit. Go shit your colon out.

So after this exchange, I just fucking acquiesced and paid the thieves. I figured I’d drive over to NJ Books and see if they had the package used after which I’d simply return the new books and get my fucking money back. I called NJ Books up and asked them if they had the used package in stock so I wouldn’t have to waste the trip. The monkey on the line said that they do. He also said that it’s just the textbook and study guide.

“What about the i-Clicker and molecule kit?”
“Oh, that doesn’t seem to be here.”
“Uhh..the website said the package includes it.”
“Oh, true.” (I fucking hate how the word “true” has entered the general college fuck’s vernacular. They always drawl it out for 3 seconds and few things make my blood boil like this.)
“So how much would it be for the book and the i-Clicker together?”
“Oh, we don’t give out prices over the phone. You can come in and see them though.”

You “don’t give out prices over the phone?” What the fuck? What is it, some big fucking secret? Since when did it become an impossibility to tell a customer how much something costs over the phone? I tell people how much shit costs at Walgreens; am I doing something terrible here? Fuck, should I just start telling people that they need to come in to get prices? Unbelievable.

Just as an aside, I hate driving to NJ Books. It’s located directly in the middle of New Brunswick, which is a complete shithole. As one drives through New Brunswick, George Street devolves into the most broken fucking pavement. It’s a road covered in cobblestones and potholes. I don’t know if the township thinks it looks “old-fashioned” or whatever, but they seriously need to get their shit together and do something about this road. Everytime I drive through there, I have to evade potholes like a Goddamn autocross. Also, there are streetlights every 10 feet.

Anyway, after 10 minutes of driving to the place, I put a quarter in the meter and walk over. There, I ask again for the used book package. Some douchebag hands me the textbook and study guide.

“The site said that the package also includes the i-Clicker and the molecule kit.”
“Oh, that’s only with the new package.”
“Your site doesn’t say that though.”
“Go fuck yourself, kid.”

Although not verbatim, this is pretty much how the conversation went. Some cunt told me that the used package is only for those who “already have an i-Clicker” and then some other asshole informed that “it would be cheaper to buy the new package” than the individual components.

So essentially, this “used package” costs $95 for just the fucking textbook. I swear, these people should just start committing armed robberies.

I’m not upset over $30. I’m upset over shitty customer service and the general “fuck-you” attitude of these motherfuckers.

At least I’ve got the books. Orgo hasn’t even started, and it’s already fucking with me.


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  1. @Liz – You know, I don’t even mind “true dat” as much. It’s just when used as “Oh, truuuueeee.” It’s probably the drawl that gets me more than anything.Anyway, the book’s Organic Chemistry by Vollhardt and Schore, 5th Edition. But it’s made specially for Rutgers so I doubt you guys would have it. I need the stupid i-Clicker and legos to go along with it, too. But thanks.

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