Exam’s done, and my belly can finally rest. I can eat too. Hooray. Now I can study my ass off for orgo on Sunday. Oh boy.

Good as fuck song, y’all.


I think, in retrospect, that feeling in my stomach wasn’t because of my dream. It’s just test anxiety. I know this because it feels like my gut’s being twisted like a balloon dog right now. And my exam’s 12 hours away. The dream was probably some stupid psychosomatic distraction my mind came up with to get my focus off the exam. 

Boy, this must be Nostalgic/Reminiscent Week for me or something. I think it started when I had this dream the other night about someone. It came completely out of nowhere, and when I woke up, I regretted doing so. And ever since this dream, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m having associated recollections of the 9th grade and 11th grade, as well, and I’ve got this feeling in my stomach where I’m hungry but can’t eat.

I don’t need this shit. I have exams I need to prepare for.

Saw V was some fucked UP shit. Several traps, particularly the closing one, had some serious “OH SHIT” moments.

But there were still a ton of questions left unanswered and even more introduced:
-What’s in the box Jigsaw gave to Jill?
-What happened to the guy who cut his fucking arm in half vertically?
-What the hell’s gonna go on with Hoffman?

I mean, fuck, they brought up the guy’s name once, and my ears perked up, and then they never mentioned him again. What a cocktease.

Also, a little side note: what the hell were the tubes for in the final room?

It’s a bit of a shame they killed off such a quality protagonist like Strahm. Who’s gonna be on the case now??

Saw VI has A LOT of shit to explain next year. I can’t wait!

Further thoughts: Once they find Strahm’s pureed remains, they’ll find out that he was framed and that he couldn’t possibly be Jigsaw’s accomplice, which’ll place full suspicion square on Hoffman. Hope that fuckstick of an FBI official will see how much a piece of shit Hoffman is.

I feel nostalgic. I also feel lethargic. I miss the “do-nothing” attitude of high school, and how nothing mattered. All your teachers cared about how you did, but you didn’t. I find it’s an interesting change of agendas in college; professors couldn’t give a fuck less about how you do in their class, and you worry your ass off about doing well (I do, at any rate). That’s also a downside of living at home, is that I have to live with the constant nagging of my lame parents. Sometimes I think it’d be better if I lived with 3 other faggots in a shithouse apartment in New Brunswick. But then I’d probably get on a campus-wide email sent out by Kenneth Ackerman where he tells everyone how I was mugged by two black men at gunpoint. So I guess I’ll just live home instead. There aren’t many black people in East Brunswick. I don’t think there’s even one family on my street. Oh well.

Currently listening to the new Rise Against album. Really catchy stuff! And the vocalist has two differently colored irises! He’s a fucking X-Man! With the power of angst! Nah, but he’s a good vocalist.

I bought The Shivering Isles the other day (FOR 15 BUCKS! <3 eBay), the official 30+ hour expansion pack to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and I’m pretty pumped about it. The only bummer is that I really need to buckle down with orgo and physics, not to mention that nagging micro. Even music analysis’s starting to hint at getting more challenging. At least I still have Subway. God, what delicious sandwiches.


Physics exam tomorrow.

Tonight actually, given the time. It’s to be held from 9:40 to 11 o’clock. At night. Because that’s when students perform at their best. It’s on Busch, no less, so I need to drive my ass all the way to Fucksville which is an extra 15 minutes drive. Awesome. Thanks physics.