I feel nostalgic. I also feel lethargic. I miss the “do-nothing” attitude of high school, and how nothing mattered. All your teachers cared about how you did, but you didn’t. I find it’s an interesting change of agendas in college; professors couldn’t give a fuck less about how you do in their class, and you worry your ass off about doing well (I do, at any rate). That’s also a downside of living at home, is that I have to live with the constant nagging of my lame parents. Sometimes I think it’d be better if I lived with 3 other faggots in a shithouse apartment in New Brunswick. But then I’d probably get on a campus-wide email sent out by Kenneth Ackerman where he tells everyone how I was mugged by two black men at gunpoint. So I guess I’ll just live home instead. There aren’t many black people in East Brunswick. I don’t think there’s even one family on my street. Oh well.

Currently listening to the new Rise Against album. Really catchy stuff! And the vocalist has two differently colored irises! He’s a fucking X-Man! With the power of angst! Nah, but he’s a good vocalist.

I bought The Shivering Isles the other day (FOR 15 BUCKS! <3 eBay), the official 30+ hour expansion pack to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and I’m pretty pumped about it. The only bummer is that I really need to buckle down with orgo and physics, not to mention that nagging micro. Even music analysis’s starting to hint at getting more challenging. At least I still have Subway. God, what delicious sandwiches.



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