Albany College of Pharmacy – Albany, NY March 2, 2009
Albany College of Pharmacy – Colchester, VT March 2, 2009
Appalachia, University of March 2, 2009
Auburn University March 2, 2009
Belmont University March 2, 2009
Buffalo – SUNY, University at February 2, 2009
Butler University February 2, 2009
California Northstate February 2, 2009
Campbell University March 2, 2009
Charleston, University of February 2, 2009
Chicago State University February 2, 2009
Creighton University February 2, 2009
East Tennessee State University January 5, 2009
Florida, University of February 2, 2009
Harding University February 2, 2009
Hawaii, University of at Hilo February 2, 2009
Incarnate Word, University of the January 5, 2009
Kentucky, University of January 5, 2009
LECOM Bradenton School of Pharmacy February 2, 2009
LECOM Erie School of Pharmacy February 2, 2009
Lipscomb University February 2, 2009
Long Island University January 5, 2009
Louisiana at Monroe, University of March 2, 2009
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Boston February 2, 2009
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Manchester, NH February 2, 2009
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Worcester February 2, 2009
Mercer University January 5, 2009
Midwestern University – Downers Grove January 5, 2009
Minnesota, University of February 2, 2009
New Mexico, University of February 2, 2009
Notre Dame of Maryland, College of January 5, 2009
Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Pharmacy January 5, 2009
Nova Southeastern University January 5, 2009
Ohio State University, The January 5, 2009
Palm Beach Atlantic University February 2, 2009
Regis University March 2, 2009
Samford University February 2, 2009
Shenandoah University February 2, 2009
South University February 2, 2009
St. John Fisher College February 2, 2009
St. Louis College of Pharmacy February 2, 2009
Temple University February 2, 2009
Tennessee, University of February 2, 2009
Thomas Jefferson University March 2, 2009
Touro College (NY) February 2, 2009
Touro University (CA) February 2, 2009
Union University March 2, 2009
Utah, University of January 5, 2009
Virginia Commonwealth University March 2, 2009
Washington State University January 5, 2009
Washington, University of January 5, 2009
Wingate University February 2, 2009
Wyoming, University of January 5, 2009

Really good Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, roasted mushrooms, and Jack Daniels Gold Label. DELICIOUS.

Also watched Goldeneye, which is one of my favorite Bond flicks.

Finally, I love this song:

Put down your hollow tips,
And kiss your lover’s lips
And know that fate is what you make of it

Dragonforce was fucking sick. Everyone went apeshit when “The Fire and the Flames” came on, which was to be expected. The whole night was great, as a whole, and I can confidently say that any claims of “Studioforce” and whatnot, are completely unfounded internet bandwagon faggotry. They were at the top of their game, they weren’t drunk, and they put on a great show.

However, I think I may have actually enjoyed Powerglove and Turisas, especially, a bit more. For one, the energy Turisas radiated was unparalleled; the crowd
was fucking nuts. I think that while Powerglove and Turisas were just fucking METAL, and played awesome headbanging shit, that Dragonforce was more just a lot of fun. They don’t play crunching riffs, obviously, so it was basically just watching Sam and Herman shred. JP wasn’t terrible at the vocals either. He’s got a great falsetto.

Powerglove is an outfit of videogame nerds in foam armor playing metal covers of videogame songs. They were fucking awesome! They played a fucking cover of the Power Rangers theme song! I thought I was going to have a geek stroke. Too fucking brutal.

Turisas is a Viking metal band from Finland featuring a violinist, an accordionist, as well as the other regulars. Like I said above, these guys know how to fire up a crowd. Plus they’re from Finland, which doesn’t really get any more metal.

When the show was over, I got out and saw a V70R, which is Swedish, packs 300 turbocharged horsepower, is all wheel drive, as well as fucking metal, and an awesome way to end the night.

Next to my updates containing photos of my car, which are linked in my forum sig on the Miata forums, I think my “I hope expos Rutgers dies in an exploding hangar” has the most hits of any other page I’ve written. Anyone who searches “rutgers expos” (and there have been many according to my logs) and even “rutgers orgo” happens upon that little page I wrote 4 months ago. Pretty funny!

I’d like to retract the first statement above. The article that, I think, has the most hits, is by far one I wrote 2 years ago, actually, depicting my adventures in flushing my radiator. I also lauded David Sedaris. Most importantly, however, I linked to two images of Prestone’s coolant products, which Google now links apparently, and so people find that page when they’re looking for pictures of Prestone coolant. The page has 262 hits, currently, which is a fair bit more than my “expos Rutgers” page.

Boy oh boy, hell of a test. At least it’s over. Now just 2 more days of class, then break. I gotta get busy with these fucking applications too.

Dragonforce at Starland on Wednesday if I can still procure a ticket too!

Last night’s South Park was fucking hilarious.

They parodied so much shit. First and foremost, High School Musical was made fun of to no end. Then the whole “jock dad with an effeminate kid who likes dancing” was reversed with a prancing dad named Mr. Queermo and a kid who wanted to play basketball, but forced to sing and dance. I was cracking up the whole time. Epic episode.