Ninja Gaiden II is a very, very fun game. It’s gory as hell in the most stylish way, the environments are absolutely beautiful, and the Ultimate Techniques are a show to behold. Devastating combos are so easy to perform and just make you feel like a complete badass as you watch Ryu shred enemies limb from limb, literally.

On the downside, I have noticed a significant amount of lag when the screen is full of enemies, to the point where the game fucking stops for up to a second! Unbelievable.

There’s some really interesting bosses too, like this fucking floating electric metal caterpillar or something, with detachable caterpillars. His weak point is his stupid face which I perforated with arrows.

Pretty fun game overall! Not as good the original, but that’s ok!

See 2:13 for my favorite Ultimate Technique.

(Edit: Found a workaround to embed Youtube videos in high quality.)


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