Next to my updates containing photos of my car, which are linked in my forum sig on the Miata forums, I think my “I hope expos Rutgers dies in an exploding hangar” has the most hits of any other page I’ve written. Anyone who searches “rutgers expos” (and there have been many according to my logs) and even “rutgers orgo” happens upon that little page I wrote 4 months ago. Pretty funny!

I’d like to retract the first statement above. The article that, I think, has the most hits, is by far one I wrote 2 years ago, actually, depicting my adventures in flushing my radiator. I also lauded David Sedaris. Most importantly, however, I linked to two images of Prestone’s coolant products, which Google now links apparently, and so people find that page when they’re looking for pictures of Prestone coolant. The page has 262 hits, currently, which is a fair bit more than my “expos Rutgers” page.


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