Dragonforce was fucking sick. Everyone went apeshit when “The Fire and the Flames” came on, which was to be expected. The whole night was great, as a whole, and I can confidently say that any claims of “Studioforce” and whatnot, are completely unfounded internet bandwagon faggotry. They were at the top of their game, they weren’t drunk, and they put on a great show.

However, I think I may have actually enjoyed Powerglove and Turisas, especially, a bit more. For one, the energy Turisas radiated was unparalleled; the crowd
was fucking nuts. I think that while Powerglove and Turisas were just fucking METAL, and played awesome headbanging shit, that Dragonforce was more just a lot of fun. They don’t play crunching riffs, obviously, so it was basically just watching Sam and Herman shred. JP wasn’t terrible at the vocals either. He’s got a great falsetto.

Powerglove is an outfit of videogame nerds in foam armor playing metal covers of videogame songs. They were fucking awesome! They played a fucking cover of the Power Rangers theme song! I thought I was going to have a geek stroke. Too fucking brutal.

Turisas is a Viking metal band from Finland featuring a violinist, an accordionist, as well as the other regulars. Like I said above, these guys know how to fire up a crowd. Plus they’re from Finland, which doesn’t really get any more metal.

When the show was over, I got out and saw a V70R, which is Swedish, packs 300 turbocharged horsepower, is all wheel drive, as well as fucking metal, and an awesome way to end the night.


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