Yo, new Hoobastank album! Good shit! I wasn’t blown away during my first listen, but it’s really grown on me a day later, which is uhh…today.


Decided to keep my teeth a little while longer. I went to the maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) and he laid out my options. Basically, wisdom teeth extraction is a practice in prophylaxis. It’s a procedure performed to avoid complications later in life as a result of the third molars’ growth. The thing is, I know at least two people who never had their wisdom teeth removed who never had any complications to speak of.

Also, like any surgery, wisdom teeth extraction carries certain risks. In the case of my left bottom tooth, extraction ran a moderate to high risk of damaging the sensory nerve that travels along the jawline. Even partial damage of this nerve could result in permanent numbness of the chin and lower lip. If you’ve ever seen stroke victims drooling out of one side of their mouth, that’s what would happen to you.

It’s also substantially expensive to have the procedure done. Each tooth, humorously enough, is priced (based on difficulty and duration of extraction), and sedation also runs a pretty penny. All in all, removal of all 4 teeth costs in the neighborhood of two grand. Call me Jewish, but that’s a bit much for prophylaxis.

So I’ve decided to forgo the operation for now and simply keep an eye on my teeth with regular annual visits. Since noon, I couldn’t have anything to eat because the anesthesia could cause nausea, so I went till about 6 o’clock without a thing to eat. I was ready to eat cardboard. We stopped in at Mickey D’s, a place I haven’t been to in probably 4 or 5 years (I’m more of a Wendy’s guy), and I had a Big Mac for the first time in my life. I suppose I expected more. It ended being a bit of a misnomer. Sure, the sandwich isn’t what you would call petite, but I still didn’t feel it deserved its title. All in all, it was pretty tasty though! The Big Mac sauce accentuated the sandwich quite nicely, and the pickles added a nice texture. I recommend it if you haven’t eaten for 6 hours.

Oh boy, because of my retarded wisdom tooth that’s growing crooked, I’m going in for extraction today. They’re putting me under because it’s an intensive operation; the tooth needs to be exposed first from under the gum, and then extracted. I can’t wait.

I’m promised vodka (the Russian substitute for Percocet) when I get home.

Due to my parents being complete jerks who want to teach me responsibility or whatever, I’m being forced to pay for next semester myself. This means that I will only be taking two 3 credit classes (which cost $3300). I will have to put the charge on my credit card, and then start working as many hours as I can. I might even need to pick up a second job.

Basically, this fucking sucks. On the other hand, if I get Bs and higher, I’ll get the money back. So in essence, MY money is at stake here rather than my parents’.