I have so much fucking money that I have Armani sew me suits out of money with coins serving as buttons. Also, my bed is constructed out of stacks of hundred dollar bills which proved to have excellent structural rigidity.

8 am shifts are awesome.

The following song is fucking incredible.


I played mechanic with my dad the other day. As mentioned previously, my heater hose sprung a massive leak and was spewing coolant all over the place, particularly onto the scalding headers which instantly turned the coolant to steam, leading my car to look like it was on fire after 10 minutes.

The heater hose is located directly in between the engine and the firewall, in which there is about 2 inches of space, occupied by coolant hoses and various electrical connections, leading to a massive lack of workspace. In order to even get a clear look at the heater hose, we had to remove the coil pack. For whatever reason, it has 3 bolts holding it, one of which seems completely irrelevant to me, not to mention completely fucking frustrating to remove and more so to thread back in! We got the heater hose off after much swearing, cut off the torn piece, and installed the hose back on. Afterward, we poured in a little over a gallon of antifreeze to fill the (basically) empty radiator. Fun times.

Requiem For a Dream is a devastating movie. It is both terrifying and depressing. Seeing human lives crumble before you like that is shaking. Seeing the old woman endure shock therapy was probably the most brutal part of the movie, and also the saddest.

Oh hey it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged. Life’s same ol’. Work almost every day. Raking in cash money.

My Goddamn car sprung a coolant leak. I suspect a heater hose in the back of the engine. I have an ace up my sleeve, however.