Oh my poor neglected internet weblag. Besides raking in metric tons of cash money, I’ve been playing Guitar Hero III in my off time. I’ve gotten pretty decent and have only One (which is a song and not an unnecessarily capitalized word) left to beat on my Hard run. I doubt I’ll give Expert much of a chance, but we’ll see. A lot of the songs are just unnecessarily difficult, and made difficult as if simply for the sake of difficulty; most of the real life counterparts are NOWHERE near as difficult to perform on actual guitar, as opposed to a plastic guitar designed for children. But since no one can see me as I indulge in this guilty pleasure, I am absolved of any humiliation and can instead have the time of my life strumming away and slapping hammer ons and pull offs to the tune of awesome rock and metal tunes.

School starts in a month for me. Fuck my life. I am so not ready for anything even remotely school related, much less orgo related.


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  1. That’s precisely why I never got into Guitar Hero, since the toy guitar will look ridiculous when you grow up and look back on what you trained your skills in. If you, say, hone a legendary skill in Halo or something controller related, at least the vast majority of gamers will be able to respect that, rather than the meager percentage that happen to specialize in the toy guitar controller.
    Also, my lack of rhythm plays havoc on my playing skills, DDR was proof of that.

  2. @liudxx03 – OLOLOL look at me rock at Halo, a game where you run through the same fucking room a million times. RNT U SOOOOOOOOOO IMPRESSED. Fuck you buddy, Halo’s a piece of shit. The respect of “gamers” is about as meaningful as a jar of urine. Also, where is your Wikipedia citation to back up your claim about the “meager” percentage of guitar rhythm players? Tons of fucking people play the GH games, as well as Rock Band. It’s just good natured fun, you insecure FUCK.

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