GH: Aerosmith is fucking awesome. I’m already done with it on Hard. I figure I won’t bother with Expert. It’s not that I can’t, it’s that it’s not fun. I’ve found the perfect balance of difficulty and actual FUN with Hard. I can barely keep up with Expert and have little fun doing it, especially when I fail 30 times in a row on some stupid solo that’s been overcharted by some overzealous developer with 15 fingers.

Besides, I have World Tour to play, and that shit has like 80 songs in the playlist. There are lot of great songs on this playlist, including stuff from Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, and The Eagles. It’ll be interesting to play Tool so I can at least hear what similarities people say exist between them and Chevelle (I’m willing to bet few to none). And I’m psyched at playing System of a Down’s B.Y.O.B.

But of course I have class starting on Tuesday, and I will be playing much less, unfortunately. I am none too happy about this situation.


Just got Guitar Hero: Aerosmith in the mail the other day. So fun.

Fuck boring Slipknot songs and their carpal inducing double chord bridges. I’m playing Rats In The Cellar and Nobody’s Fault, songs that are FUN. It’s no wonder Aerosmith was the first rock band I ever got into as a kid. I even remember getting my first CD of theirs. It was a compilation album called Big Ones and had hits spanning multiple amazing albums. And now I get to play them. SO AWESOME.

Chimaira’s new album is fucking HEAVY. This new offering is about as heavy as their self titled album. The groove is completely different though. A lot of these songs have gotten a lot of atmosphere to them. It’s a really great listen.

Psychostick’s “Sandwich” is hilarious. It’s fucking metal and it’ll have you headbanging and laughing at the same time. These guys are amazing.

Finished my Hard run today. Fucking Lou. I’m in the middle of my Expert run, and already hit the 3rd tier. Shit’s nasty.

Couple new albums came out recently. Chimaira’s “The Infection” is out as well as Psychostick’s “Sandwich.” Both will be on my playlist for the next several weeks. This summer has a lot of new albums coming out too, particularly from Suicide Silence and Killswitch Engage. And of course Rammstein is finally putting out a new record later this fall.