I’ve been playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x the past few days. The game’s a good seven and a half years old, but my God is it good fun. It combines the epic game that was THPS2 with all of the levels from THPS and a few new ones too. It was a great bit of nostalgia revisiting this gaming experience. Neversoft really made a timelessly fun game with the first several THPS games. It only started getting bad when they ran out of gameplay mechanics and started adding story elements and that fucking idiot Bam Margera with the Underground games. Even Project 8 felt boring. Now they have Ride with an actual skateboard controller. We’ll see how gimmicky it proves to be.

I’m in a bit of a gaming rut with nothing much new to play. I could continue my Ninja Gaiden II run, but I’ve been getting an urge to pick up a nice FPS. FEAR’s a good game, but noone plays it online. I’m gonna try and find a nice cheap copy of World at War or Modern Warfare to satisfy my trigger finger.

Orgo I final’s in 4 days. Then Orgo II and Lab II begin and continue till the middle of August. I cannot wait for this summer to be over already.


So…Michael Jackson’s dead. And the internet’s gone fucking ballistic. Denizens of Facebook are all dedicating their statuses to him, Twittershitters have crashed the site’s server, and Wikipedia had 500 edits on the Michael Jackson article within 24 hours. And maybe I’m missing something. I mean, my Facebook status doesn’t mention him. I never really even got into his music. I like “Beat It” and it’s a fun song on Guitar Hero too, but is that really reason to cry over the guy? I guess maybe I just have better things to do than mourn the death of a celebrity.

Honestly, this all seems vaguely familiar to me and I get a very strong sense of deja vu. In fact, this takes me back to several years ago when beloved television icon Steve Irwin died. Everyone went apeshit then and I didn’t understand it either. Why do people feel inextricable bonds to celebrities as if they were their own blood? Michael Jackson doesn’t know who you are. He never did. So why spend more than a moment’s time feeling anything other than apathy about his death? It all seems rather silly to me, but then again, when has the internet really impressed anyone with its collective intellect?

2nd orgo exam down. Did slightly worse than the 1st exam, which isn’t terribly surprising considering the much more difficult material, but I did worlds better than the 2nd exam last fall. Overall, I’m satisfied. 5 more lectures and the final’s in 9 days. Wunderbar.

I absolutely despise rage quitters. These fucking faggots are incorrigible.

I’m playing Guitar Hero World Tour and I’m ripping apart Foo Fighters’ “Everlong.” I’m 60% of the way through the song with a full combo, not having missed a strum, and the fucking loser quits on me. I’m sorry you suck so hard, asshole!

1st orgo exam down. Did pretty well. But we’re starting serious shit now. Mechanisms ahoy!

Orgo lab is a colossal pain in the ass. The shit is seriously cutting into my study time.

Orgo’s starting to get rough (again). We’re about at the same point last fall where I started to stumble, except it took a week to get to that point instead of a month and a half. Happily, however, my professor can actually explain material as opposed to the inept fuck circus I was witness to last fall.

Still, I’m actually studying now so we’ll see if that strange method gets me anywhere. Driving to Busch sucks as always, and morning Rt. 18 traffic makes me want to bludgeon someone.