Level 22 Master Gunnery Sergeant. Also unlocked the Dragunov sniper rifle. Not that it matters because I suck with a sniper anyway.

Second orgo exam this Monday. Lab final’s Tuesday. Final’s in less than 2 weeks.

I am so burned out from this retarded summer. I wouldn’t recommend an orgo summer to anyone. Ok, maybe just one session. But definitely not both back to back. Plus lab.


Hit Level 17 Gunnery Sergeant. Love this game online!

Make that Level 19 Master Sergeant!

Beat WaW on Veteran today. Not an easy game. Couple more achievements to go and then I can get back to COD4 multiplayer.

Oh yeah, couple more weeks of orgo left. Thank God.

I think I’m taking Russian this fall. We’ll see how much speaking at home has paid off.

Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer is addictive like heroin. I fucking love it. It takes me back to when I was a kid and I would play 4 player GoldenEye with my buddies for hours. That same level of competition and adrenaline is here.

12 year olds are still pretty annoying, and their mic chatter is irritating, but at least sometimes they’re funny. Today, some kid couldn’t believe that Michael Jackson was dead. The entire round he went on about Michael Jackson being dead.

Another reason why the multiplayer is so addictive is because Infinity Ward implemented an RPG mechanic into the gameplay in which every kill nets you XP, which goes towards your level. Everytime you hit a new level, you get a new rank with it. Every couple of ranks nets you new perks: new guns, new game modes, etc. Currently, I’m a Level 5 Lance Corporal II. Next rank is Corporal. There are people at Level 55. I imagine it’ll be quite a while before I hit that.

For a “n00bzor,” I’m not that bad actually. Today, I had a match where my kill death ratio was 10:6.

Orgo take 2 was an enormous success. My final grade is a B and I am very satisfied with myself. 

Orgo II begins on Monday. Can’t give us too much time for relaxation, can they? I hope this professor is good. Also, I hope aromatic chemistry isn’t impossible.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a wonderful game. I bought this game when I bought my 360 bundle earlier last year and it was one of the games I immediately sold for profit on eBay because I had Oblivion to sink a 100 hours into and a shooter was the last thing on my mind. I only mildly regret not keeping it, because it truly is a unique experience. I’ve never played squadron based shooters much, and the idea of backup in games usually means idiotic teammates more interested with staring at furniture than the enemy riddling them with gunfire. COD4, however, has very competent teammates and the game is extremely exciting as you actually come to depend on your men to some degree for supporting fire and generally don’t need to babysit them.

The graphics are exemplary. It is a fine instance of “next gen” and looks terrific in 1080p. The sound is hugely impressive. Gunfire sounds amazing and the bass thuds with every burst of fire and every explosion. Will be playing this extensively this weekend.