Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer is addictive like heroin. I fucking love it. It takes me back to when I was a kid and I would play 4 player GoldenEye with my buddies for hours. That same level of competition and adrenaline is here.

12 year olds are still pretty annoying, and their mic chatter is irritating, but at least sometimes they’re funny. Today, some kid couldn’t believe that Michael Jackson was dead. The entire round he went on about Michael Jackson being dead.

Another reason why the multiplayer is so addictive is because Infinity Ward implemented an RPG mechanic into the gameplay in which every kill nets you XP, which goes towards your level. Everytime you hit a new level, you get a new rank with it. Every couple of ranks nets you new perks: new guns, new game modes, etc. Currently, I’m a Level 5 Lance Corporal II. Next rank is Corporal. There are people at Level 55. I imagine it’ll be quite a while before I hit that.

For a “n00bzor,” I’m not that bad actually. Today, I had a match where my kill death ratio was 10:6.


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