My luck is terrific. Xbox #2 lasted 6 days. It didn’t even make it a fucking week!

I went about trying to to send the first one back to Microsoft only to learn that this console is a refurb that the previous owner received after his console broke. Hence, the 3 year warranty is expired and I would be out $100 to send this one into them and get another refurb console that would also break at one point.

As a result, this console is now worthless. Places pay $30 and a gumball for broken 360s, so I’ve taken it upon myself to learn how to fix the console. I will be attempting the X-clamp fix.

As for Xbox #2, the seller was kind enough to offer I ship the console back and have him attempt to fix it. He easily could have told me to fuck myself.

If all goes well, I will have two working consoles. We’ll just see.


Got my Xbox in today. Felt great to get in some COD4 multiplayer action. Had several fantastic matches where I murdered with my ACOG’d M4. Sniping’s great, but it’s amazing how many kills you can rack up with a nice scoped assault rifle.

Grades are up. Got my B. :)

I had some really fucked up dreams last night. Never have 4 jack and cokes all within an hour. On an empty stomach.

My fucking Xbox died earlier last Thursday, August 13th after 16 months of faithful service. Typical RRoD. It actually started this bullshit a week earlier, on the 6th, but then started working again. I’m quite upset, but already have a replacement on the way coming Wednesday. This one already had the necessary modification performed to the motherboard clamps and CPU/GPU to prevent the overheating and hardware failure again.


Oh God, it feels so good. Organic chemistry has probably been the most demanding course I’ve ever taken (in close competition with Systems Physiology). But it’s finally over, and God willing, I got a B. I already got a B+ in orgo lab which I’m quite pleased with.

Now I get to sleep in and play videogames for 2 whole weeks, until the fall begins and I get to take classes which may actually be interesting/useful, like Russian.

Also, Gojira is so fucking brutal words cannot even describe it.

Almost Level 32 btdubs.

I’ve taken to being a sniper exclusively as of late. It’s spectacular fun blowing someone’s head off from 100 yards away.

Few more days of shit. Study today, study tomorrow, and then EXAM. And then it’s over. FOREVER.

Final exam and the end of my fucking orgo summer in 6 days. AHHHHH!

Downloaded Research and Development the other day. It’s a neat mod for HL2 that has some really fun gameplay borrowing elements from HL2 and also Portal. There’s a lot of subtle humor mixed into the design as well. It’s a fun couple hours. Plus it’s free!