Oh God, it feels so good. Organic chemistry has probably been the most demanding course I’ve ever taken (in close competition with Systems Physiology). But it’s finally over, and God willing, I got a B. I already got a B+ in orgo lab which I’m quite pleased with.

Now I get to sleep in and play videogames for 2 whole weeks, until the fall begins and I get to take classes which may actually be interesting/useful, like Russian.

Also, Gojira is so fucking brutal words cannot even describe it.


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  1. Hahaha, I do not blame you at all. I go to Rutgers and summer classes have been a part of my life for the past 2 years now. They’re a double edged blade, honestly; they help your GPA ENORMOUSLY in exchange for robbing you of your entire summer. Thankfully, I still managed to find some time in between to slack off so it hasn’t been entirely awful, hahaha.

  2. @gamecubeholic – hahah sweet, i really do need to take a summer class cause i need to catch up on my credits not to mention it would be nice to boost up my GPA too. but perhaps next summer since this one is almost overrr :(  & idk how the weather is where you are but the weather here was terrribleee for most of the summer, so much rain so maybe i should have taken a class haha. oh well!

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