My luck is terrific. Xbox #2 lasted 6 days. It didn’t even make it a fucking week!

I went about trying to to send the first one back to Microsoft only to learn that this console is a refurb that the previous owner received after his console broke. Hence, the 3 year warranty is expired and I would be out $100 to send this one into them and get another refurb console that would also break at one point.

As a result, this console is now worthless. Places pay $30 and a gumball for broken 360s, so I’ve taken it upon myself to learn how to fix the console. I will be attempting the X-clamp fix.

As for Xbox #2, the seller was kind enough to offer I ship the console back and have him attempt to fix it. He easily could have told me to fuck myself.

If all goes well, I will have two working consoles. We’ll just see.


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