Over the last few days, I have effectively bought a computer for $500. And not just some ho-hum, consumer level rig, but a pretty serious enthusiast rig. It’s Crossfire ready, has a dual core CPU clocked at 3.0GHz, 8 gigs (!!) of low latency performance DDR2-800, a friggin 750gb SATA, and a 700 watt PSU to handle all of it without breaking a sweat. GPU wise, I’m going with a passively cooled HD 4350 in the meantime, which is a very fair card in its own right, especially for the hilariously low price. I’ll be looking at HD 5850 prices within the coming weeks closely, however.

My Dell shitrig has served me great these last 6 years or so. I’ve added drives up the wazoo to it, added RAM numerous times, and swapped video cards twice over the years. The son of a bitch is still chugging and probably would another 6 years if I’d let it. I think it’s enough, however. If it can find use somewhere else, God bless it. I am moving forward, however.


Setting about getting a new pc over the last few days. I’m building it myself, however. I got some pretty good parts!

Athlon II X2 250 @ 3.0GHz
4 gigs of Crucial DDR2-800
750gb Seagate SATA

And the most important component?

An Apevia X-Plorer. The fucking thing has BLUE LIGHTS!

I bought some okay ASUS board but I’m gonna return it because I found a boner worthy deal today in an auction for an M2R32-MVP, a $300 board, for $40 stupid bucks. I love eBay. The board’s Crossfire compatible so I’ll be able to run dual GPUs further down the road if I see fit.

PSU wise, I needed one that specifically has two PCI-E connectors (SLI/Crossfire ready), and so I found a 700 watt OCZ GameXStream for $58. Again, eBay is terrific.

Now I just need a GPU. I’m (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of ATI’s Radeon HD5850 as it’s the new wave of cards that support DX11. Since I’m getting a new pc, I’d rather not have an obsolete GPU. The 5850’s coming out next week though, so I’ve ordered a nice cheap $25 GPU in the meantime so I can at least get my rig on its legs.

Supporting a habit like this is expensive, sadly.

Oh man, I am reveling in all these new albums. Currently, I’m marinating my ears in Dethklok’s sophomore effort, “The Dethalbum II”. This shit is so good. The funny thing is that Dethklok’s basically a joke band that makes fun of how up their own ass a lot of metal bands are, and the effort still ends up being this fucking good.

Despised Icon’s “Day of Mourning” is only getting better upon repeated listens. It’s much more melodic than DI’s previous efforts and there’s copious use of solos throughout, which is very welcome.

Chevelle’s “Sci-Fi Crimes” is an overall solid 4th album in the band’s history. It’s a bit on the lighter side, but still traditional Chevelle fare for the most part.

Lastly, I acquired Weird Al’s “Straight Outta Lynwood” a few days ago. This is not a new release by any means, but for some reason, I held off listening to it. It’s a very funny record with some really catchy songs. Unfortunately, the album gets old pretty quickly. Still recommended for a few laughs.

Paramore has a new album coming out next week as well, if I’m not mistaken, so I’ll be sampling that as well.

Say your goodbyes,
That was your life.
You’ll pay all your penance,
Laser cannon deth sentence!

I kinda like Twitter so far. 25 people started following me overnight so I must be some kind of entertainment machine. I do admit, short sweet posts are fun and easy. The 140 character restriction is a bit annoying, however.

Despised Icon’s new album “Day of Mourning” is epic fucking brutality. Just a sonic battering of double bass clapping, thundering guitars and hardcore vocals.

I got a Twitter. I don’t know why. This journal has always sufficed as a container for whatever literary vomit I want to spew about the things on my mind. Still, I tend to write a bit more here than just disjointed ideas, which Twitter may be more appropriate for. I don’t know how inane of an entry I can make before I begin to hate myself, though, so my Twitter use won’t likely be as frequent as some. I will not write about bagels, for instance. Other delicious food stuffs, perhaps. I do love food, after all. We’ll see how it goes.


Follow me or whateva.

Heh, I’m a dick sometimes. I rarely take the opportunity, however, so I tend to relish it when I do. It reminds me of my high school days a bit.

Traffic blows at 5-6 pm. This is fairly common knowledge, but it still bears emphasis. I have 3 hours after my first class ends before my next one begins. So I have the choice of either going insane finding something to do for 3 hours or wasting 2 1/2 hours driving back and forth to spend a half hour at home. The latter is exhausting. And I have to leave in about 10 minutes again. Thank God I only need to this on Mondays. Used to be this was standard operating procedure last fall when my schedule was handcrafted in the searing crags of hell by Satan himself.

Yesterday I worked a 10-6 shift and I swear that it was one of the most tiring shifts in recent memory. A tiring shift wouldn’t usually come as a surprise at Walgreens, but in the case of a Sunday shift it certainly did. Sundays are dead at Walgreens. But through a combination of Goddamn flu vaccinations, terrible scheduling, and a new hire who is about as capable as an infant, we were completely understaffed. I came home and just laid horizontally for 4 hours. Then I slept for 11 hours.

Classes are okay so far. Russian’s a little hard, seeing as I’m basically learning how to write in an entirely new alphabet. It also doesn’t help that there are letters that look like English letters but are pronounced totally differently. The Russian “P,” for example, is pronounced like “R.”

Statistics is retarded. The second lecture, the fucker was showing us pie graphs and bar graphs. I mean, holy fuck. Plus the room’s a fucking hotbox. This room could be used for interrogation, for fuck’s sake.

Physics is physics so far. I’ve just gotta do my work and hopefully I’ll be okay. The guy’s pretty cool, at least.

Music is my online course. To my chagrin, even being a 101 class, it requires more than identifying a guitar among a collection of wooden structures. There’s shit to read, clips to listen to, it’s kind of a headache.

In other news, I played a little COD4 today after a few day break. Everytime I subject myself to breaks, I come back sucking. First match, I went 6-9. Second match, I went fucking 0-3. Horrific. Third match, however, I got in my groove and pulled a monstrous 17-3. My airstrike took out 4 people at once, almost the entire team. Naturally, this immediately got me my chopper which further proceeded to take care of business. I had a 10 killstreak going before some faggot sniped me with an ACOG M40. Great match, overall.

Lastly, Chevelle’s new album is out and it is fucking terrific. It isn’t as heavy as Vena Sera was, but there still are a few choice songs which are still heavy and catchy as hell. Recommended listen.

Oh yeah, classes started today. My schedule’s quite nice this semester. I have just one class three days a week. The other two days have two classes. This is thanks to one of my classes being an online course, which has turned out to be sort of a blessing and a curse.

It’s nice in that I don’t need to actually go anywhere, but it’s turned out to be a huge read fest. There’s a bunch of shit to read, clips to watch and listen to, etc. It’s just more work than I wanted out of it.

Today I had Russian, which is kind of a neat class. Many of my classmates have hilariously awful grammar and make mistakes that would make a native speaker’s ears bleed, but the professor’s nice and I hope this class will be a good learning experience, as well as a moderately easy A.

Tomorrow’s stats and physics, separated by 8 hours. I hope stats won’t suck. I really hope physics won’t suck.

Lastly, I went 15-6 with a P90 on Vacant in TDM today. I fucking love that gun.