Oh yeah, classes started today. My schedule’s quite nice this semester. I have just one class three days a week. The other two days have two classes. This is thanks to one of my classes being an online course, which has turned out to be sort of a blessing and a curse.

It’s nice in that I don’t need to actually go anywhere, but it’s turned out to be a huge read fest. There’s a bunch of shit to read, clips to watch and listen to, etc. It’s just more work than I wanted out of it.

Today I had Russian, which is kind of a neat class. Many of my classmates have hilariously awful grammar and make mistakes that would make a native speaker’s ears bleed, but the professor’s nice and I hope this class will be a good learning experience, as well as a moderately easy A.

Tomorrow’s stats and physics, separated by 8 hours. I hope stats won’t suck. I really hope physics won’t suck.

Lastly, I went 15-6 with a P90 on Vacant in TDM today. I fucking love that gun.


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