Classes are okay so far. Russian’s a little hard, seeing as I’m basically learning how to write in an entirely new alphabet. It also doesn’t help that there are letters that look like English letters but are pronounced totally differently. The Russian “P,” for example, is pronounced like “R.”

Statistics is retarded. The second lecture, the fucker was showing us pie graphs and bar graphs. I mean, holy fuck. Plus the room’s a fucking hotbox. This room could be used for interrogation, for fuck’s sake.

Physics is physics so far. I’ve just gotta do my work and hopefully I’ll be okay. The guy’s pretty cool, at least.

Music is my online course. To my chagrin, even being a 101 class, it requires more than identifying a guitar among a collection of wooden structures. There’s shit to read, clips to listen to, it’s kind of a headache.

In other news, I played a little COD4 today after a few day break. Everytime I subject myself to breaks, I come back sucking. First match, I went 6-9. Second match, I went fucking 0-3. Horrific. Third match, however, I got in my groove and pulled a monstrous 17-3. My airstrike took out 4 people at once, almost the entire team. Naturally, this immediately got me my chopper which further proceeded to take care of business. I had a 10 killstreak going before some faggot sniped me with an ACOG M40. Great match, overall.

Lastly, Chevelle’s new album is out and it is fucking terrific. It isn’t as heavy as Vena Sera was, but there still are a few choice songs which are still heavy and catchy as hell. Recommended listen.


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