Heh, I’m a dick sometimes. I rarely take the opportunity, however, so I tend to relish it when I do. It reminds me of my high school days a bit.

Traffic blows at 5-6 pm. This is fairly common knowledge, but it still bears emphasis. I have 3 hours after my first class ends before my next one begins. So I have the choice of either going insane finding something to do for 3 hours or wasting 2 1/2 hours driving back and forth to spend a half hour at home. The latter is exhausting. And I have to leave in about 10 minutes again. Thank God I only need to this on Mondays. Used to be this was standard operating procedure last fall when my schedule was handcrafted in the searing crags of hell by Satan himself.

Yesterday I worked a 10-6 shift and I swear that it was one of the most tiring shifts in recent memory. A tiring shift wouldn’t usually come as a surprise at Walgreens, but in the case of a Sunday shift it certainly did. Sundays are dead at Walgreens. But through a combination of Goddamn flu vaccinations, terrible scheduling, and a new hire who is about as capable as an infant, we were completely understaffed. I came home and just laid horizontally for 4 hours. Then I slept for 11 hours.


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