Oh man, I am reveling in all these new albums. Currently, I’m marinating my ears in Dethklok’s sophomore effort, “The Dethalbum II”. This shit is so good. The funny thing is that Dethklok’s basically a joke band that makes fun of how up their own ass a lot of metal bands are, and the effort still ends up being this fucking good.

Despised Icon’s “Day of Mourning” is only getting better upon repeated listens. It’s much more melodic than DI’s previous efforts and there’s copious use of solos throughout, which is very welcome.

Chevelle’s “Sci-Fi Crimes” is an overall solid 4th album in the band’s history. It’s a bit on the lighter side, but still traditional Chevelle fare for the most part.

Lastly, I acquired Weird Al’s “Straight Outta Lynwood” a few days ago. This is not a new release by any means, but for some reason, I held off listening to it. It’s a very funny record with some really catchy songs. Unfortunately, the album gets old pretty quickly. Still recommended for a few laughs.

Paramore has a new album coming out next week as well, if I’m not mistaken, so I’ll be sampling that as well.

Say your goodbyes,
That was your life.
You’ll pay all your penance,
Laser cannon deth sentence!


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