Over the last few days, I have effectively bought a computer for $500. And not just some ho-hum, consumer level rig, but a pretty serious enthusiast rig. It’s Crossfire ready, has a dual core CPU clocked at 3.0GHz, 8 gigs (!!) of low latency performance DDR2-800, a friggin 750gb SATA, and a 700 watt PSU to handle all of it without breaking a sweat. GPU wise, I’m going with a passively cooled HD 4350 in the meantime, which is a very fair card in its own right, especially for the hilariously low price. I’ll be looking at HD 5850 prices within the coming weeks closely, however.

My Dell shitrig has served me great these last 6 years or so. I’ve added drives up the wazoo to it, added RAM numerous times, and swapped video cards twice over the years. The son of a bitch is still chugging and probably would another 6 years if I’d let it. I think it’s enough, however. If it can find use somewhere else, God bless it. I am moving forward, however.

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