And so my undergraduate days are winding down. At around 2am last night, I applied to 9 pharmacy schools. I will be applying to Rutgers’s own pharmacy school in February, as well.

This spring, I will be finishing the last of my pre-requisites for other pharmacy schools, most of which are idiotic humanities such as philosophy, ethics and poetry. An actual science that many pharmacy schools require is microbiology, however, which I am also taking in the spring.

As it turns out, Appalachian College of Pharmacy and Thomas Jefferson University require two semesters of physics with lab, whereas Rutgers (and all of my other schools) only requires one semester of lab. So I’ll have to find an open section for that shit too.

This spring won’t be fun.


Hey internet. Physics exam was a mystery. I need to figure out what happened with that.

Supra injectors are in and are AWESOME. Closed loop hesitation is greatly diminished.

Intercooler came and is a big fella. Not sure yet when I’m gonna get around to installing that.

Steel BEGi TBI pipe finally came after 2 weeks and is in. Nice piece. I don’t much like the relocated temperature sensor fitting, though.

Racing Beat Power Pulse muffler ordered. Should give me a nice growl, little quicker spool, and a couple extra ponies. Looking forward to that. Unfortunately, with this mod, I have basically run out of cheap power mods. Anything past this is extremely expensive and involves aftermarket engine management and likely a bigger turbo.

And so ends another 2 year relationship. Sigh…
It has occurred to me that exclusively texting and talking on IM is not conducive to a relationship (of any kind, save for pen pals).

Physics exam 2 this Sunday. Not looking forward to it. Afterwards, I’m playing mechanic and installing my new Supra injectors. Looking forward to that.

Also awaiting my long delayed throttle body inlet pipe, as well as the new intercooler I ordered.

Musically, I’m in a bit of a rut with nothing new to listen to. I keep cycling between the regulars. Incubus, Chimaira, and System of a Down have primarily been on my playlist.